4 Reasons To Always Submit Your Full Fee

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4 Reasons to Always Submit Your Full Fee

Charles Blair, DDS

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Proper calculation of patient benefits for coordination of benefits by secondary insurance (your full fee can often be obtained from the combination of two low-fee PPO plans!)
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PPO carriers use submitted fees to determine fee increases; by submitting your full fee you’ll ensure you receive the greater benefit if the PPO raises its fee schedule
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UCR is set by insurance companies based upon fee submitted data, not contracted fees
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Submitting full-fees with help you accurately track insurance write-offs for evaluation of various PPO contracts


[http://e.openmoves.com/accounts/schein/Creative_Services/2014-07/admin_blair/images/spacer.gif] HERE’S A SMALL SAMPLE OF WHAT THIS MANUAL COVERS:
[http://e.openmoves.com/accounts/schein/Creative_Services/2014-07/admin_blair/images/spacer.gif] • Coordination of benefits, non-duplication of benefits
[http://e.openmoves.com/accounts/schein/Creative_Services/2014-07/admin_blair/images/spacer.gif] • Primary and secondary insurance
[http://e.openmoves.com/accounts/schein/Creative_Services/2014-07/admin_blair/images/spacer.gif] • Discounts and co-pay forgiveness
[http://e.openmoves.com/accounts/schein/Creative_Services/2014-07/admin_blair/images/spacer.gif] • Fee capping for non-covered procedures
[http://e.openmoves.com/accounts/schein/Creative_Services/2014-07/admin_blair/images/spacer.gif] • How to survive an audit

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Diagnosis and Treatment of TMD in the Dental Practice (Seminar)

“a very informative and fascinating seminar” -Konstantin Ronkin DMD, LVIF, MICCMO

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Diagnosis and Treatment of TMD


A FANTASTIC DENTAL OFFICE IN METROWEST AREA IS LOOKING FOR A GREAT NEW TEAM MEMBER: Dental assistant and front desk.  Contact me for more information.  Thank youNowHiring


IF you or someone you know is a dental assistant, and is looking for additional days of work, please contact me.  Route 495 – Westboro, Hopkinton, Marlboro area.  Please share



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RDH wanted: GREAT PRACTICE, just south of Boston

A great dental practice is in need of a hygienist.  The practice is located just south of Boston.  If you or someone you know is looking for a position, please share this and message me.  Thanks very much.





Seeking a self-starter with an aptitude for learning to join our talented team. Certified Dental Assistant or graduate of an accredited dental assisting program preferred. Hours will be part time to start. Candidate must be flexible and comfortable with technology. Attention to detail and excellent customer service skills required.

Program Agenda for AAOSH’s 4th Annual Scientific Session


Program Agenda for AAOSH’s 4th Annual Scientific Session.

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